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That was my dream since I was 6 years old, to be on Broadway. Chesley] Sullenberger landed that plane in the Hudson three years ago, I have quoted this so many times in conversations, he said, “I felt like everything in my life was leading up to this moment.” What have you learned about yourself from doing “Godspell”?

"Then, one day I got a call and they were like, 'Do you remember that show a while back? It is between you and one other guy.' It was weird but very exciting." Nothing could prepare him for the names that he would get to work with through the first three seasons of the show.

So far, Parrish has worked alongside such high-profile names as Mary Louise-Parker, Elizabeth Perkins, Shoshannah Stern and most noticeably, Mary-Kate Olsen.

I was actually with my girlfriend at the time who I thought I was going to get married to. And that single-handedly has been the greatest thing about this experience — actually learning to love the real me.

I have grown to love myself more, 100 percent by doing this show.

When Alice’s sight goes fuzzy during a run on campus, and later she cries to John about feeling like thoughts are dropping out of her head, we’re watching Moore, including her trademark mega-sob. It’s a punishing film, made more horrific because Moore, whom we trust and love, is able to make us feel Alice's futile attempts to focus on thoughts that are drifting further and further less handsomely shot than Michael Haneke’s film, it has a lot more actual “amour.” In fact, “love” is the last said word in Wash Westmoreland and Richard Glatzer’s film. Each family member is present, but struggles with how to cope with Alice’s continual losses.

But by the time Alice starts losing more memories, and becoming a more distant, shell of herself, I no longer saw Moore, and I started to sob. It’s Lydia, the more inquisitive, the youngest, the child gone solo, who doesn’t shrink but actually begins to grow in her relationship with Alice.achieves an almost perfect landing on all the harder second and third acts: Alice’s feeling of being trapped by her mind, Anna and her husband’s sense of being trapped by her illness, and Lydia’s ability to communicate with her mother in ways she couldn’t before.It makes sense that this is where the film feels equal in both dread and hopefulness. One half of the duo (Richard) was diagnosed with ALS in 2011, just after they’d been hired to adapt Lisa Genova’s bestselling book.Throughout adapting, Richard lost more and more motor skills, and had to communicate through an i Pad voice system.The churchgoing 24-year-old star confesses to The Post that he feels crucified as a Christian sometimes, thinks the Messiah would probably use hair gel and that, yes, he has smoked marijuana. Do you ever ask yourself, in terms of your dating life, what would Jesus do? But actually, I’ve been attracted to many girls who I would have liked to have extended a relationship with, but we don’t align with our religious beliefs and therefore with other lifestyle choices. I started out in boxers and a V-neck and then it became boxers and a tank top. You’re naked a lot on “Weeds,” and in “Spring Awakening.” Do you ever take off your shirt in “Godspell”? And there’s rumor that it might be just boxers [soon]. I let myself go a little bit, but in that I grew up. You seem like you’re carrying a lot for a relatively young guy. This is the most goofy I’ve ever been in public, which I love.


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