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I thought she was kinda weird, but continued to talk to her because…

She loved music as much as I did, so I would DJ for her often, and she would cook for me, attempting to expand my lackluster food palette. In time, our career paths pulled us to different parts of the country, but we’re still good friends.

We started spending all of our time together, just enjoying each other and growing in love. I eat more vegetables now, thanks to her, and she’s a bit tidier because of me.

The lack of factory parts information from the CJ-3A time period makes it very difficult to decide if and when changes were made.

Much information has been obtained from the CJ-2A and CJ-3A Parts List (copyright 1949) and the 1945-1949 Master Parts List (copyright 1955).

Two other civilian Jeep models overlapped the CJ-3A's production.

1949 was the last year for the CJ-2A and in 1953 the CJ-3B became available.

I am collecting information about existing CJ-3As to help determine when changes took place.

Because anything could have happened to these vehicles in the 50 years since they were manufactured, a large sampling of vehicles is necessary to determine which assumptions are valid.

(Written for Vocally) Last year, a few months after discovering my then-boyfriend’s infidelity through Snapchat, I decided to restore my faith in the power of internet applications and created a Tinder profile to meet someone new.

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