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ARM says that around 5 percent of more than 120 billion chips shipped since 1991 were impacted by Spectre and significantly fewer by Meltdown.Ge Force, Nvidia’s mainstay line of GPUs, is aimed at consumer markets and includes gaming chips."Our GPUs are immune," Jensen Huang, chief executive of Nvidia said during an event at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, referring to graphics processor units (GPUs), the chip maker’s key product line.

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Software platforms have raced to supply initial patches to guard against microprocessor vulnerabilities, setting in motion a range of knock on effects as everyone from cloud-based datacenter providers to anti-virus companies have to rapidly adapt their own products to avoid freezing up users machines.

Nvidia’s actions are in this latter category of knock-on effects, Nvidia’s CEO said. Anybody who has software needs to patch," Huang said. At this moment, I am absolutely certain our GPU is not affected." Intel and AMD have not disclosed the number of chips affected by the security flaws and AMD has said its products were at "zero risk" from Meltdown.

The world’s top makers of microprocessors, also known as central processing units (CPUs), Advanced Micro Devices Inc , Softbank’s ARM Holdings have reported being potentially exposed to the Spectre flaw, while Intel Corp, the biggest of the three, has been hit by both.

Nvidia, the world's leading maker of graphics chip processors (GPUs), said earlier in a blogpost that it is releasing software security patches for affected chipsets included Ge Force, Tesla, Grid, NVS and Quadro.

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The Quadro chipsets are used for commercial workstations, while Tesla powers datacenters and is used for artificial intelligence processing such as that used in self-driving cars.

"Pretty much every modern processor is exposed somehow to these exploits," Bernstein analyst Stacy Rasgon said.

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