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KILLING REAGAN is a first of its kind augmented reality investigation into the assassination attempt of President Reagan.The app launched in conjunction with National Geographic’s global television movie event, KILLING REAGAN, starring Tim Matheson and Cynthia Nixon.The platform principally features 3D-based user-generated content.

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The maximum concurrency (number of avatars inworld) recorded is 88,200 in the 1st qtr.

2009 In 2010, Kingdon was replaced by Rosedale, who took over as Interim CEO.

Superbright is pleased to announce the launch of our artist-in-residence program for REVERIE, an in-person VR browser that enables quick design, rapid prototyping, and distribution of VR scenes through multiple hardware and software platforms.

The week-long residency will bring together an international group of artists who are experts in the fields of 3D, net art, and digital mediums, to create new works for VR.

Sculpted prims (sculpties), mesh, textures for clothing or other objects, animations, and gestures can be created using external software and imported.

The Second Life terms of service provide that users retain copyright for any content they create, and the server and client provide simple digital rights management (DRM) functions.As a result, the initial objective-driven, gaming focus of Second Life was shifted to a more user-created, community-driven experience.Unlike a traditional computer game, Second Life does not have a designated objective, nor traditional game play mechanics or rules.The piece is equal parts immersive theatre and multi-user VR, allowing six people in a VR scene at once to move freely in a 40 sq ft space.The project is a collaboration with DJ artist Diplo, and is adopted from the artist’s music video for his song ‘Set It Off’.ZIKR: A SUFI REVIVAL is an interactive social VR experience that uses song and dance to transport four participants into ecstatic Sufi rituals.


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  2. Officials were tracing origin of the weapon, Ahern said.

  3. No tempo em que ele assumiu a forma humana ele salvou Israel de seus pecados.

  4. "As I have said many times, the Iran deal was one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the United States has ever entered into," Trump said in a major speech at the White House laying out the sharp turn in US Iran policy.

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  7. For those in the West, it probably isn’t particularly surprising that Internet matrimony is one of India’s most lucrative and omnipresent online industries.

  8. Flash versija ir aprīkota ar visām funkcijām un ir pilnībā optimizēta.

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