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He didn’t make any inappropriate jokes, didn’t pull any pranks and was being really sweet and mature. Maybe you will date Kendall now that he’s grown up.

He would tell me stories about himself as a kid and how fortunate we were, and that really drove me to be the best that I could be.”Kendall: “I was home-schooled with a charter school program from sixth grade on. I had to go in and take tests every week, and I ended up with straight A’s.” Logan: “With my school being in Texas, there was such a focus on things that were not what I wanted to do or what I enjoyed doing.

It was kind of like, ‘Oh, no,’ if you didn’t do football or sports in high school. and was kind of like, ‘I’m just going to do this.’ I didn’t really have a plan B. And this is exactly where I’m supposed to be.”More Big Time Rush on Parade.com: Exclusive Video: BTR Reveals Their Favorite Shower Songs, Celebrity Crushes and More See Exclusive Photos of Big Time Rush’s PARADE Photo Shoot Wanna Meet BTR?

We’ve actually been really lucky to stay under the radar.

It hasn’t been really, really crazy for us.”On their school experiences and inspirations: James: “I’ve had some amazing teachers who influenced my life in positive ways, and I’m grateful for them.

She came to me at one point and was like, ‘Why do you want to do this?

You’re never going to be the lead in anything.’ I just smiled at her and kind of plopped back, but it was a fire that burned inside. But the real [inspirations] were my parents, who came from the Dominican Republic, got married, moved to Missouri, went to college, started a preschool, and kind of built a life from nothing and became very successful.See more » In the latest episode: Arielle Kebbel dishes on how she told her parents about her Fifty Shades Freed role, and Black Panther stars name the real-life heroes that inspired their characters.Many times has Kendall tried to ask you in the past year and a half, but every time, you turned him down. It’s been 3 months since you’ve seen Kendall since he’s been on tour with Heffron Drive and you’re starting to miss hanging out with him. “But I don’t want to date Kendall.” They all looked at you like you were stupid.His brothers, Kenneth Schmidt and Kevin Schmidt, are actors.He began his career in acting at an early age of five. Furthermore, he belongs to a mixed ethnic background of German, Swedish, English, and distant Dutch.I probably felt pretty alone, like, ‘This is definitely not the spot for me.’ I was always a class clown, so I never had trouble fitting in; I just had trouble finding out where I really wanted to be. Enter to Win Four Tickets to See the Band in Concert and Meet the Guys As Well!


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