Dating birthday present

“I always believe that giving a meaningful, thoughtful gift is more important than how much you spend.” If you can’t stomach the idea of showing up to a birthday party empty-handed, bring along a small treat that, while not as formal (or expensive) as a wrapped present, will still demonstrate your thought and well wishes.

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(Only scream-singing “Birthday Sex” in a public venue is mandatory.) Gifts don’t require gifts.

Gifts should have significance; they should be born of generosity and love.

But, as she points out, “good intentions” are more important than any gift card or box of Magnolia cupcakes, “so make sure [your friend] knows that you're there to celebrate her day — and, of course, buy her a drink!

"Honestly, UNGIFTED, your friend probably won’t even notice that you didn’t come to her party bearing gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

A casual friend’s 27th birthday is fast approaching, and I’m not exactly chomping at the bit to go scavenging through some department store to buy her an overpriced gift that I’m not even sure she’ll like.

Normally, I wouldn’t even give this a second thought, but the friend in question brought a wrapped present to my birthday last year, even though I didn’t expect or ask for gifts. — Ungifted With Gifts The A: Don't get her anything.

(Or, the millennial equivalents: gift card, a bottle of Bath & Body Works lotion, and candles.) If she notice your lack of gift and seems hurt by the omission, you have one of two problems: 1.

She only bought you a present in order to set the stage for reciprocity on her birthday, or 2.

Yet, you — who could one-up the Giving Tree — don’t feel compelled to buy a gift for a friend’s upcoming birthday. While you should treat all people in your life, both the protagonists and the Glen Cocos, with respect and empathy, you have to be discerning when it comes to devoting your nonrenewable resources (both emotional and financial) to other living human beings.

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