Consolidating school distircts

This February 2011 report by Craig Howley, Jerry Johnson, and Jennifer Petrie of Ohio University shows that state policies that broadly push mergers of schools and districts will not save money and will likely lower the quality of education — especially for the poor.Read online Get PDF File Dollars and Sense: The Cost Effectiveness of Small Schools is a collaborative effort of the Knowledge Works Foundation, the Rural School and Community Trust, and Concordia, Inc.In 2002, the Charleston Gazette investigated the outcomes of the state's consolidation efforts in the series, "Closing Costs." Read online Get PDF File Alternative Ways to Achieve Cost-Effective Schools There are legitimate concerns about the administrative costs of running small school districts.

You could either force it or do it by agreement, I’m sure we could save a lot of money.” “I think we should demand that school districts do it, and not just school districts but any public services.

Townships should consolidate, police departments, fire departments should consolidate, any time we can streamline government, we should do it and we should do it now.” “The reality is that we are the most or among the most segregated states in the nation.

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Consolidation of Schools and Districts: What the Research Says and What It Means Has the time for consolidation come and gone?

As you address proposed consolidation on a local or state level, your most potent weapon is good information.

The documents in this Consolidation Toolkit, prepared by the policy staff of the Rural School and Community Trust, can help you educate your fellow citizens and the policymakers who have the final say in consolidation decisions.

Read online Get PDF File Closing Costs: A Summary of an Award Winning Look at School Consolidation in West Virginia, a State Where It Has Been Tried Aggressively Few states have pursued consolidation of rural schools more aggressively than West Virginia.

With the promise of broader curriculum and huge tax savings, the state has closed more than 300 schools, one in every five, since 1990.

She said she would “demand” schools take steps to consolidate, albeit not saying how exactly she would do that.


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