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Monty makes a joke about how they had to continue the 'C's in the names.

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However one thing that isn't normal about that day, is Beca's inability to sleep.

Her head is pounding and it's because she's thinking about Chloe. Days later, Beca grumbles, digging around for her black board shorts, clothes strewn across the floor.

" Beca turns to see Monty, she can't help but narrow her eyes slightly."I'd like to talk to you." He walks back inside. I mean, dude, you just leave for a fishing trip and Casey just throws herself into work.""Hey now, the first year I asked if Chloe would be okay with Casey-""Of course she would say that." Beca stands to walk away."I know, I know." Monty sighs, "But-""Yeah she forgave both of you, she doesn't blame herself anymore, I got it. Really good."A small smile tugs at the corners of Beca's lips."Seriously Beca, thank-you." Chloe kisses Beca's cheek. "Beca offers a tight lip smile, "Yeah…"Chloe just nods, "Well that makes you pretty great Beca Mitchell."Beca does her best not to scoff, trying to take the compliment. Chloe Beale, who is the nicest person Beca has ever met, telling her she's pretty great. "Beca looks at Chloe, "Because it's- I dunno." She shrugs."It'll be fun!

Beca follows Monty into the living room, Casey is just getting up to leave. But that doesn't change my view of you..." Beca walks back outside to find everyone gone but Chloe, who is sitting on the steps of the porch. Beca scrunches up her face, trying to ignore the red probably creeping up her face again. Wait, that was a compliment."Hey, that was a compliment! Beca narrows her eyes a bit, mainly at the fact that she wasn't very accepting of the compliment. Not that Beca's not used to compliments from Chloe. There's music, there's volleyball, drinks and snacks..." Beca listens as Chloe lists all the other reasons Beca should go.

They talk past dinner and through movie night, which Beca is grateful for and not just because she gets out of watching a movie.

Because while it's way cheesy, it's too true, she has never seen Chloe talk about her mom before with such happiness.

Chloe nods, "Speaking of which we have to come up with a day."Beca looks around for her leather jacket. ""My jacket." Beca digs through the clothes."Becs it's a million degrees out today. She feels gentle hands on her shoulders and she looks up to meet blue eyes."You left it in my room." Chloe says softly. There's not a huge array of books but there are neatly places books and a very nice couch.

There's not a single television, not one that Beca can see.

She watches as Monty sits down and Beca follows suit, sitting across from him."Thank-you." Monty says simply. ""Thank-you for doing this." Monty says, "For not letting Chloe go through this alone anymore."Beca scoffs, trying not to rolls her eyes, "Yeah whatever. "Yeah…"Chloe giggles, "You're pretty great you know that? But there's something in her voice that makes her heart pound."Do you have a swimsuit or do we have to go shopping? But it's not any of those reasons that causes Beca to say yes.

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