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Use this OPDV Winter 2018 Bulletin The OPDV Winter 2018 bulletin focuses on orders of protection.

Highlights include our feature article, “Remote Access to Temporary Orders of Protection Program” as well as a Q&A about the successful implementation of this program in two local counties.

No RFP questions were submitted prior to the January 13, 2018 deadline. Look at our list of materials and place an order using our online order form, or download one from our website.

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It can occur in person or electronically and might occur between current or former dating partner” Teens not only have to deal with their abusive partners, they have to deal with their peers who often take sides, give advice (most of which is not healthy and has undertones of victim blaming) and generally add to the stress and trauma of the experience.

Once a dating violence victim drops out of school due to the stress and trauma of dealing with their abuser and the peers who are involved, they’ve altered their life in ways that are difficult to undo.

The deadline for proposals has been extended and proposals can now be submitted until Noon on Friday, February 16, 2018.

Notification of the awards is expected to occur sometime in March.

Controlling and hurtful words are red flags in a dating relationship and can leave emotional scars.

More information, resources Learn about the “Teen Dating Abuse is #Not Just Physical” social media advertising campaign.

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Dating abuse, especially among teens, often doesn’t involve physical violence or injuries.

Jane was suspended from school – for her safety because John was so angry.


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