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Shishi later landed her role as the female protagonist, in the time travel series, ‘Scarlet Heart.’ The drama grabbed acclaimed success in China and swiftly received popularity throughout East Asia too.

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"How you love and parent a child is most important.

That's the support system, really."The "Elementary" star says she also wants her fans to know that being a single mom does not have to mean having to raise a child alone."I don't really raise [Rockwell] by myself," she said.

"It's an honor to be part of something that's so well-embraced and well-loved."Liu says she wants more of that kind of shake-up in Hollywood, and for there to be more awareness and discussion about the lack of minority representation.

She pointed out another very successful re-imagination of history that has embraced diversity: Lin-Manuel Miranda's hit Broadway musical "Hamilton.""'Hamilton' has 16 Tony nominations with a rainbow of ethnicities in its cast," she said.

"People have different opinions on how it's done, but Tylenol is encouraging other people to share their stories and say, 'You don't have to have a traditional family.

It's how you love your family.'"Liu said seeing other successful, single mothers gave her the courage to have her son."It doesn't matter the machinations of how things occur," she explained.

Liu Shishi was born on March 10, 1987, in Beijing, China.

She holds Chinese nationality whereas she belongs to Hui ethnical background.

They began dating after filming the hugely popular ‘Scarlet Heart’, in 2011.

Liu Shishi and her husband, Nicholas, finally married via registration after more than four years of dating. Magnolia Most Popular Actress Award winner, Liu Shishi, has established herself as one of the successful Chinese actresses.

After making her transition from a dancer to an actress successfully, Liu Shishi played the role of Mu Nianci in ‘The Legend of the Condor Heroes’ in 2008.


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