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but I also enjoy a lot having sex with my girl friends, everybody says that affairs between a lesbian and a married women happen because there is something wrong with the wife’s marriage however I don´t agree…all.During my pregnant summer, we invited home to spend some holiday my lesbian friend Nataly. I loved her stunning features; long red hair, porcelain white skin, tall, full figured body, blue luminous eyes, and lips the color of a soft rose.

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Read More Hello to all my lactating sex fans, I have uploaded a new video lactating sex with pregnant girl for you today in the membersection, here is a preview of this nice video with my pregnant girlfriend.

She is 5 months pregnant on this video, but you can see itbetter on some of the others videos with her.

I was in my room, sexy and hot thinking if maybe my next door neighbour would be at home so he could watch me from his window behind the curtains, as he always does, knowing he loves jerking of thinking about me masturbating with my dildo or whatever…..

Just to think about it, made me so horny that I decided to play a little bit with myself therefore I got naked in front of my camera to record all for you so you can enjoy as much as I do from home, I took my dildo and started to play with it I did some titfucking that is very funny above all when you are pregnant that your boobs become bigger and bigger full of breast milk and later when I used my suction cup dildo I sucked, licked and fucked, uhmmm dildo fucking I was sitting on my chair with my big belly and started to put it inside back and forth my dildo ummm …what a pleasure!!

He old me he would give everything to taste , and that my husband was So lucky to be able to touch and lick 🙂 We continued to chat a little, he mostly wrote to me and I read while I let im guide me how to masturbate my clit….

I was very wet and horny, I just wanted to cum and watch him jerk of for me on the cam.

even I squirted a little bit of breast milk called calostrum and a lot from my pussy …I was so wet that I only could think about cum, cum and cum What about you watching me? …yes I know you are as naughty as I am…lol So would you like to enjoy all my personal pregnant and lactation videos Here is a new pregnant shower HQ video for you today, I’m 8 months pregnant in my shower.

Watch my completly naked body with my round bellyis this great pregnent shower video.

Todays video is from when i was eight months pregnant playing with my dildo as so often because I indeed WAS very horny lol…ok I’m still horny now I’ve gone back to my not preggo body, but not as horny as the last 2-3 months of my pregnancies lol I was alone in my office with a fan on skype who was masturbating for me, wearing a long blue summer pregnant dress.

That horny guy started to masturbate when he asked me to undress slowly to show him my big pregnant body. When I was naked I turned around showed him my booty and big belly, the breasts with some drops of yellow milk comming out when I pressed the nipples.

It will be up tomorrow sunday, to enjoy your day off with me 🙂 I have a lot lot lot of videos both pregnant and lactating for you, trying to work all I can to give you something new all the time WATCH THE LACTATION SEX VIDEO BETWEEN GIRLS HERE Kisses hello evrybody 🙂 Outdoot lactation teatime….would you like som milk in your tea ?

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