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The canvas roofs were not unique to Morecambe double-deckers – in fact they were a short-lived fashion with coastal operators in the early/mid thirties, when they were of course very common on coaches.Southdown certainly had some Short-bodied TDs of this type, one of which I believe still survives.

I could never understand, as a youngster, why this was so different to the standard PR rear shape!

There were some really unusual sounding destinations too, Bare, Happy Mount Park, Heysham Towers as well as "Battery" spring to mind.

A recent visit to Morecambe revealed that the site is now a Drs surgery and retail pharmacy Stagecoach run the local services in the town.

In the seventies Morecambe had a municipal depot as well as a Ribble one as did Lancaster.

As youngster I travelled on these buses regularly in the 1950’s.

They were always immaculate and looked very smart in their green livery.

All were new with petrol engines, and the post 1936 Park Royal examples had sliding sun roofs, panelled in during WW2.

a few survived as open toppers, as described by David above.

Morecambe Corporation buses did not have route numbers just the destination and this bus is destined for ‘Battery which is more or less the centre point of the Morecambe promenade between Heysham harbour to the south and Morecambe golf club to the north.

When I say Battery ‘is’ I may mean ‘was’, when I researched this posting ‘Battery’ the place appears on Google maps along with the a little bed denoting ‘The Battery Hotel’ I am presuming that ‘The Battery ‘was an old military building.

This shot of a Morecambe & Heysham Regent III shows the older livery of green with three narrow cream bands, the newer livery which had an overall cream roof and a wider centre band can be seen here.


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