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In 1994, Charles admitted to cheating on her with Camila Parker Bowles, and the following year, Princess Di finally sat down for her first solo interview.“There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded,” she revealed, while also admitting she’d been unfaithful.

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In the third round of the now-notorious “Bite Fight” between the two boxers, Tyson bit off a chunk of cartilage from Holyfield’s ear. He’s a pussy.”Eminem got real shady when he dropped this jaw-dropping line in “The Real Slim Shady”: “Christina Aguilera better switch me chairs, so I can sit next to Carson Daly and Fred Durst, and hear ‘em argue over who she gave head to first.” Aguilera did not take kindly to the accusation, telling MTV News, “It’s disgusting and offensive and above all it’s not true.” Two years later, Aguilera released the feminist anthem “Can’t Hold Us Down,” which presumably references Eminem when the pop star sings, “It’s sad you only get your fame through controversy.”The two rap titans’ feud dated back to 1996 when they began taking coded shots at one another in their music.

Tyson was disqualified, giving Holyfield the win — if you call coming out of a fight with less than two full ears winning. The beef reached a fever pitch, though, in September 2001 when Jay released “Takeover,” a track that questioned Nas’s street cred, as well as his rap abilities.

"We haven't had a really good example here of maturity,” he told the Associated Press.

At the end of the season, O’Neal was traded and the feud became a slightly healthier inter-team rivalry.

One of the biggest sports feuds of all time wasn’t between rival teams — it was a power struggle between two giants on the Lakers.

The teammates regularly crapped all over each other in the press, with O’Neal calling the Lakers “my team,” and Bryant responding by calling him “child-like,” “jealous,” and “fat.” It got so bad that Coach Phil Jackson called a team meeting to attempt to work things out.

Griffin tried a wrestling hold on Ryan, who retaliated by knocking out his son’s two front teeth.

Shortly thereafter, Griffin was sent to a Hawaiian rehab for his issues with drugs.

It’s what’s for dinner, and it’s also the single greatest contribution a pair of celebrities can make to the very important world of tabloid journalism. editor and Jackson biographer Steve Knopper, that silence was intentional.

“I think both of those guys had an interest in keeping it somewhat mysterious because they are both mysterious dudes,” he told star and his 18-year-old son — who was just starting his own acting career — turned physical one day in May at the home of Farah Fawcett, Ryan’s then-girlfriend.

“Debbie and I have really never been friends — up until now, which is funny,” she said, before revealing where the source of the drama may have originated.

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