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Over the last two or so years there’s been a noticeable boom in what I’m coining the “techno-horror” genre (technology based horror), which isn’t very surprising considering how we’ve all become sheeple with i Phones glued to our hands – but that movie would essentially be nothing but a new-age zombie flick.

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It's all largely incoherent, with the screenplay's twists and surprise revelations having an utterly artificial feel.

Director Soisson, who so adeptly staged the galvanizing opening scene, becomes further and further adrift in terms of navigating the preposterous storyline.

I had trouble enjoying Sarah Bonrepaux’s turn as Sursok’s salacious new friend, spouting such throwaway comments like describing her idea for “Assbook,” you know, like “Facebook, but with dog’s asses…” – um, come again? ” out of her thick accent made me cringe a bit, which never quite made me confident in director Joel Soisson’s decisions.

Other characters fall into the same dramatically inept traps, like newcomer Ben Wiggins’ stammering annoyance as Michael, as well as a murderer with strange motivations and execution – two main characters we never feel sufficiently introduced to.

Does anyone really leave their laptop open after they’re done?

No, because it burns the battery much quicker, but in , where voyeurs utilize remote laptop cameras to spy on women, laptops are always angled perfectly and left upright.Movies like ), and unfortunately it’s also the most disappointing, like a chatroom hottie who won’t even spill her a/s/l.Set in Thailand, we meet a travelista named Allie (Tammin Sursok) who posts up at a hostel type complex filled with an eclectic cast of roommates.▷ Key Features:- Fast match with new friends all over the world- Simple one swipe to connect- Select your preferred gender▷ Safe & Secure:- Private, discreet conversations- Your real identity is hidden- Zero tolerance for abusive, bullying, and other offensive behaviors Thank you for supporting CAM!Please share with friends, and review us on App Store.The logic of Gautier and Sihali’s script connects via dial-up and never quite holds a viable connection, either stumbling over false tension or misusing Cam2Cam itself.


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