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You just have to change the SQL queries to query your database table.I updated the generated PHP file to retrieve data from the customers table.

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Download the updated the PHP file from this URL txt and replace the generated file.

Note: Please set the username, password, server, port, tablename and databasename variables in Sample Configuring return type In this step we will test the operation and configure the return type on the client i.e.

Code to be included in the MXML file to invoke the Java class on the server is available below.

In the Remote Object, the value of the destination property should be set to the ID of the destination, which will be added to the configuration file (Explained below).

Let’s see how this is making developers productive.

We will use DCD to consume the data from the PHP file.

Replace the XML file content with the content below.

The ID of the destination added below will be used by the components at the client side.

You can see that Flash Builder introspected the objects returned from the server. When we invoke the “get All Items” operation, response will be object of the type “Customer”, in our case Array Collection containing Customer objects. You can see the return type of the operation changed as shown in the image below.

We will be using only so, we are not configure return types for other operations in this sample.

we will specify what type of object to create with the response from the server.


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