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Buzz Feed News revealed modelling on the tampon tax showing that its removal would cost 5 million over three years.

Under then Greens Senator Larissa Waters' proposal, the 5 million loss would have occurred at the same time as the 0 million in revenue from online purchases – meaning an overall gain of 5 million.

An Australian Senate inquiry into transvaginal meshes is expected to report back in February next year.

It was set up to find out exactly how many women have had transvaginal mesh implants and, of those, how many experienced adverse side effects.

A video of John Alexander, who was then running for the seat of Bennelong which he successfully won this month, telling a joke involving rape 20 years ago was revealed by Buzz Feed News in November.

"John has [reflected], on some ill-judged remarks 20 years ago, and it is a measure of the man and of the dignity of the man that he has acknowledged that those remarks were unacceptable, and he's unreservedly apologised for them," prime minister Malcolm Turnbull said.

It is the kind of thing that went on in Nazi Germany," Coleridge said.

He then defended the comments and said he "couldn't deny the historical facts".

In May, Gallagher was trolled by supporters of controversial former Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos after he posted a video where she accused a Liberal politician of "mansplaining".

Sunrise host Samantha Armytage took to Instagram in August to call out what she said was the latest example of the "silly, nasty, tabloid bullshit" that surrounds her "most days".

The bills were referred by the state's Labor government to the Queensland Law Reform Commission which will report back later this year.

Australian Labor senator Katy Gallagher was targeted by right-wing trolls after a year-old video of her using the term "mansplaining" was posted by a conservative political commentator on Facebook.

A mother who lost shifts because she couldn't find childcare at short notice.

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