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He accepts the request and Courtney tells him to travel down into the basement facility at midnight.The time arrives and Jamie is finally made aware of Courtney's plan.

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What neither of the students knew was that their little experiment would have a lasting impact of their lives.

It appears that Courtney has been given a new gift, she's now able to perfectly play the piano, and the other students involved think that she's been "rewired" and made an even better form of who she previously was.

Continue reading: Ellen Page Has Married Her Dancing Queen Emma Portner A remake of the 1990 thriller, Flatliners stars Ellen Page as a medical school student who gets her friends to participate in an experiment exploring what happens after death. The actress says that she took the role because her character, Courtney, is a complex psychological mess.

"She's a woman with profound pain, grief, remorse and regret," Page says.

Courtney's obsessed with finding out what happens to humans after we die and she's convinced that she'll be able to track it using some high spec medical equipment able to document brain activity.

Reluctantly Jamie accepts Courtney's proposal and they begin their experiment.In 2009, she appeared in Peacock, alongside Susan Sarandon, Cillian Murphy and Josh Lucas.In May 2009, Ellen Page featured in an episode of The Simpsons that parodied Hannah Montana."It's hard for her to really care about anyone because she's suffering so much, so she's willing to do such a risky experiment.And it cracks her open and makes her look at all those parts of herself, and that's hard! And I think a lot of people can relate to the fear of contracting those difficult emotions."Continue reading: Ellen Page Embraced The Ambiguity Of Flatliners When medical student Courtney Homes approaches fellow student Jamie with the an intriguing prospect of 'having fun tonight', Jamie could never have guessed what he was getting himself in for.The character played by Page was named Alaska Nebraska.


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