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I’m going out with her tonight, and we speak more or less every day.’ In fact, the only ‘beef’ Adrian has with the ITV bosses is in relation to Christine.In fact, wife Jane, then with Radio Five Live, got more attention.'And I've opened up his to more antiquey things and decorative pieces.' To divide up the ground-floor space, the couple built a low platform at the back of the room for the dining table, chairs and writing desk.

But, in fact, he has been lauded by sports insiders since becoming the main football presenter for ITV.

The channel has also committed to a new series of his topical panel series That Sunday Night Show, which has attracted strong ratings.

‘ITV entrusted me with three jobs, and I’ve still got two, so I feel grateful. I was proud of Daybreak but couldn’t say I enjoyed it because we never got given a chance from the start.

Three was probably too many in the first place,’ he rationalises. I’ve learned so much about television in the last 18 months.

The metal door handles in the kitchen and aluminium coat hooks in the hallway were picked up in Paris flea markets for 1 Euro each - proving his point that it's often cheaper to find original designs from a street market than to go to Habitat or John Lewis.

'Adrian has opened my eyes to the Thirties, Fifties and Sixties,' says Tracey.

Tracey set up her fashion label in 1996 and, from the beginning, has worked closely with her partner Adrian Wright, who assists with every aspect of the business.

Scroll down for more The bedroom with its wooden French bed and antique chandelier Adrian was part of leading synthpop band The Human League in the Eighties.

It does get scuffed and worn, but this is exactly the effect he wanted.

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