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You can look up my profile photo to see how it's going.

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I believe women in their 30s are really coming of age and are not as concerned with the hair as when in thier 20s. I know you wanted a 30 year olds opinion but ya got mine. I personally dont care for the whole full beard thing. But you will get tons of different answers for different reasons. Benefits, one quick wipe of the towel after a shower and hey presto your head is dry ,and no need to buy combs or brushes .

As one who just turned 48 I dont give a hoot about a man having hair or not except for that crazy comb over thing like Donald trump. With all his money why doesnt he go have the thing fixed??

I think that keeping it long looks messy and straggly, especially when the hair is thinning. Being well-groomed matters more than whatever amount you have, or may be lacking.

Unfortunately, I also think that a full on beard really accentuates the lack of hair on the head. There's nothing sadder than a balding man who's growing out the few patches of hair he has left as long as possible. Many guys on here rock the bald look, and its very sexy.

And, if this can be answered generally at all, how does this affect his general attractiveness? Press SEARCH and.... can read until your eyes glaze over.^^^What Literate Hiker shared above.

As I doubt this can be answered generally, then perhaps you could answer it with regards to myself as I am depict in my profile photo. Additionally, one has to EMBRACE the hand of cards they are dealt.

Contemplate shaving your head, maintaining a meticulously well-groomed goatee, and perhaps spending a few bucks on some really sharp new clothes.

Things always look better if you intend for it...simply than letting it happen to you.

If you can't bring yourself to shave it, palardy, at least consider clipping the remaining hair very close to your head. I'm sure we all have a few grey hairs by our thirties. And, Helen, I figured it's a bygone conclusion already. There would a high level of attraction regardless of thinning hair.

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