Dating opposites

The only way that opposites can co-exist is when both of you are committed to making the relationship work, through hell and high water.

Both parties need to understand and respect each others differences and comfort zones.

I just have to remember to ask the same questions when I am considering someone for myself. 🙂 Finding an ideal date, partner or spouse is for many of us at different stages in our life the most important thing we could do.

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:) ) As a strong willed, A-type personality egotistic male I thought I knew it all, but surprisingly I didn't.

Thank you for your help, guidance and of course my beautiful partner. It's no wonder you have become Vancouver's top Matchmaker!

(Sorry bad pun) 🙂 Children and family plans: One of you wants to have children and the other one is done or does not want any at all.

(I know this sounds ridiculous, you would think this would be an area everyone discussed before getting into any long term relationship, but you would be surprised how many people have broken up over this.) Neighbourhood choices: If you love the big city and your partner is deeply entrenched in suburbia, which one of you is going to budge? Cleanliness differences: If you cannot function in a home that is unkempt and dirty and your potential partner is a hoarder and can’t understand the concept of cleaning up after themselves, chances are someone is going to be unraveling very quickly (unless of course you live in different houses and never visit each others homes, yeah right!!!!! Introvert vs Extrovert: As I explained in another post these can co-exist but it takes alot of work.

It is easier for couples to adapt if there are only one or two differences, but more than that and it can become extremely difficult no matter how strong the chemistry may be, eventually it will wear thin and your frustration and dissatisfaction will come out. So, in order to save ourselves some heartache, why not look at these differences before we get emotionally involved?

I absolutely look at these questions before suggesting a match for my clients.What I have found with Sheree is she makes great matches because of her very personal approach. " Thank you Sheree for your help, I am so happy with your results.Without your help and guidance I would not have found my wonderful girlfriend.I would never consider matching my clients (looking for a successful relationship) with these differences, so how come I sometimes I overlook this information in my own personal life? Just because you are ready for that one true love of your life does not mean that everyone you come in contact is exactly at that point. Activity level: if you are extremely physically active and your new potential is not, probably not a match.You will always be waiting for them to catch up and they will always wish that you would slow down.I called Sheree Morgan and after a thorough consultation etc. 7 months later, I have been dating the female that Sheree introduced me to and we continue to grow/prosper as a couple.


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