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Meet the bodybuilder who hopes to become the first transgender man to win the world's biggest bodybuilding competition - Mr Olympia.

In the red corner you have hot and hardcore sites that are about gay muscle sex, what goes on in the locker rooms after a bout, how wrestlers get hard when grappling in their kit and whats inside a bodybuilders posing pouch.

These sites are about gay bodybuilders porn and there are more and more of them to tempt you these days.

Speaking about his decision to start transitioning, Ajay said: 'I absolutely hated myself, and could barely look at myself in the mirror.'I hated waking up every day and I often times felt very suicidal without really knowing why.'I finally decided that my happiness and success in life meant more than the judgment of others.

I had to finally put myself first for once rather than trying to please those around me.'I took the first steps to getting on testosterone, which in Texas you are required to have at least six months of therapy with a gender specialist to be able to start Hormone Replacement Therapy.'I can look in the mirror for the first time in my life and love who I see staring back at me.

Some bodybuilding sites manage to find a balance, a non-contest draw if you like, with sexy content for porn fans, and sport content sports fans. Will it be two knockouts and submission when you dont find what youre after?

Or will you be king of the ring when you find the muscle men and oiled Gods that you were looking for?

I like them too which is why so many Gay guys in this section have big muscles.

My model Big Brit has a big Gay gallery of his own and I also shot this great HD video of him working out in the Gay Mecca, West Hollywood (Weho). (120 kg) bodybuilder Big Brit works out his legs and abs, then poses in West Hollywood.

'A lot of my family does not understand what it means to be transgender therefore do not accept me, and I just keep my distance from them,' he said.'My mother and grandmother are really my only close family.

At first, they also did not understand and weren't exactly against it nor for it.'Over the years they have seen me blossom and are starting to understand just how important my transition is to my success, and I am forever grateful that they were able to open their minds enough to see that.'I wish that more people would understand that it is not as taboo as they may think.

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