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To suggest that GPs are causing delays in diagnosis by not efficiently using the right blood tests is simplistic and does a great disservice to our profession.It is an insult to hard-working and hard-pressed GPs.

There are 40 million more consultations in general practice today than there were even five years ago, and GPs are routinely working 11-hour days and seeing between 40 and 60 patients in a day.

The crisis in general practice is so severe that at least 27 million patients will have to wait more than a week to see a GP this year and 84 per cent of GPs are worried that their workloads are so high that they might miss something serious in a patient.

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Maybe that explains why I liked it; because my mind already has a little engine for processing this kind of narrative stuff, built up from past experiences watching Shakespeare In The Park! Most romance flicks are a little insulting because they're not sincere.

There was something, in the end, believable and therefore redeeming about the characters and their silly little Hawaiian comedy of errors and feints.

And I can't, for the life of me, quite figure out why I liked this so much. Some films are good, some are bad, and some are sort of like miracles.

I guess the filmmakers succeed in making the welter of comic bits, scenes, and images come across like genuine romantic sweet chaos. Their power is inexplicable; and that's how FSM felt to me.

A “name and shame” strategy is likely to decrease the threshold for referral and result in other parts of the NHS being swamped.

This will ultimately lead to delays in patients receiving treatment and worse outcomes.

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