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He’s showing up to interviews with a scraggy new beard “for a role,” spouting off anecdotes from his childhood, and smiling for the paparazzi like never before.

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It is the behavior of someone who uses his own power and privilege to take what he wants from women.

Audiences have not had to grapple with Affleck’s alleged faults, because the media has largely ignored the lawsuits since they were settled.

He told the Since Affleck settled, the public will never know if he is truly guilty of harassing two female subordinates.

Perhaps White and Gorka were just saying whatever they wanted about him, at the risk of their own careers and personal lives.

Affleck will likely have a long, storied career like Woody Allen’s, and industry publications will never force him to answer for his actions like they did Nate Parker.

Parker’s Oscar hopes for The Birth of a Nation were quashed earlier this year when outlets began asking him about the fact that he was acquitted of campus rape in 1999.Earlier this year, he quietly separated from his wife.When asked about the allegations now, Affleck describes them as baseless attacks on his family.Lainey Lui of Lainey Gossip noted earlier this month that Ben and Matt have been particularly present throughout Casey’s Oscar campaign, showing up smiling to premieres and posing for photos as a trio.Matt, who himself produced , sang Casey’s praises to both the Times and Variety.Affleck has all the privilege and protection that Parker did not, which is why, although their cases are not completely analogous, their Oscar journeys have played out so differently.


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