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It wasn't racism, what I experienced during my childhood in Tyumen," Siyatinda says.

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Yelena Khanga is one of Russia's best-known black citizens.

The popular host of a top-rated 1990s chat show about sex -- "Pro Eto," (About That) -- she became one of the few black faces regularly seen on Russian television.

Khanga says she hopes that Obama's historic rise to become the first African-American president will open doors for blacks in Russia as well.

"I would like to see us have success in politics or science as well," she says.

"I was part of the first generation -- now, of course, there are a lot more," Khanga says.

"But..did not have the history of racism as they did in America.Grigory Siyatinda, an actor at the Sovremennik Theater in Moscow, grew up as the only black man in his hometown of Tyumen in the 1970s.His experience was that of an object of fascination in an isolated Soviet society where foreigners, and especially black foreigners, were exotic."How to put it?Still, Khanga -- whose great-grandfather was a slave in Mississippi -- says she believes the scourge of racism was far worse in the United States, where there were 4 million African slaves by the time slavery was abolished in 1865 and where it took another century before school segregation and other forms of racial discrimination were formally outlawed.Khanga notes that there was a very small percentage of mixed-race and black people in the Soviet Union.She was practically the first black person to study at MGU [Moscow State University] in the Soviet Union.

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