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“I wrote the prisoners on your behalf and challenged them to come see you! “No one will be happy until you leave our neighbourhood—until you leave Sloan’s Curve—get out now.” The author included copies of the letters purportedly sent to prisoners, which listed Peerenboom’s address.

“Look scumbag, you waste time and space on this earth,” read one.

“When you get out of jail—come see me—I will kick your ass.” It was signed, “Harold your worst nightmare Peerenboom.” The letter marked a new variation to a bizarre hate mail campaign against Peerenboom.

This has led theorists to insist that the gunman was killed by someone else but made to look like it was a suicide."Why are there clean shell casings on top of the blood puddle?

" asks one reader."And why is his handgun so far away from his body? Such pointed questions are all it takes to plant the seed of doubt or suspicion in our otherwise stable minds. It's another reminder that wild speculation is much more interesting than the somber truth.

Was there another shooter, or two, in that 32nd-floor hotel room?

Were other shots fired from the hotel's fourth floor? 1 shooting was a "false flag" attack from the "deep state" to mark the 100-year anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution?

Do you believe the gunman behind the mass shooting in Las Vegas acted alone?

Or was he merely a fall guy behind a more complex and sinister killing assault?

Echoing what other readers told me, Thoreson rattled off several questions about the attack, including one that most of us have asked ourselves: Why would a 64-year-old wealthy and retired accountant do such a thing? And trying to understand such madness is like trying to understand the need for a fish to ride a bicycle. Still, such murderous mysteries not only confound us, they also trigger something in us to question the facts.

And also to suspect something more complex than just one human being losing his mind and committing such a heinous act. They are as much a part of our collective DNA as fearing the unknown or trying to understand what's not totally understandable.

On a long, thin strip of land next to West Palm Beach sits Sloan’s Curve.


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