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They excited me very much when I saw them first time and he became one of my favorite artist in this genre.

To the site fully devoted to various genres of gay art. The first one is devoted to artworks by different artists.

The second one consists of categorized galleries such as BD&SM, Asian boys, different kinds of sex etc. We are interested in cooperation with talented people who work in various genres of gay art. Hardcore Drawings by Different Artists In fact this is a preview page only.

It doesnt matter who shoots the bow, there are no draw length adjustments required. The Original Genesis can be shot by archers with draw lengths up to 30. The Original Genesis is the only bow allowed in NASP.

The Genesis Mini is perfect for archers with draw lengths up to 25. NASP is an awesome program that teaches thousands of students archery, many of whom would never be introduced to archery without the program.

Almost all of drawings and paintings in this section represent hardcore sexual actions. This impression is even stronger for series of pictures. We regret that we could not place here a preview for all of them; this page seems to be very large for slow connections.

Maybe you have seen some of pictures taken out of context. By the way, you can view one full illustrated story placed here for preview.

This dimension is measured from the center of the top whell and the center of the cam at the bottom of the bow. So the Genesis Mini is shorter and it is also lighter.

The Mini is just 2 pounds compared to 2.95 pounds with the Genesis Original.

There are also some key differences in the performance of the bows.

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