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It could be spirits or it could be raccoons.” He says if he were called to investigate this woman’s claims, he’d first ask her for some sort of medical history.

“If it was me, I don’t think I’d be able to help her, she needs to speak to a therapist,” he says.

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I know no one had been in the bathroom, I went into the men’s room, the lights were off, the water was on, I turned it off. The same thing happened to another attendant, and we had found out in the 90’s an RA had hanged himself in the lobby there.” Other times, he’s heard “footsteps, voices,” and it’s startling, Carbone says.

So what’s his take on Amethyst and her ghost lovers?

“First, it’s like why is this a thing in our psyche?


  1. And, free dating apps don't necessarily mean the best dating apps, so that's why we've rounded up all of the dating apps out there to help you find the right one.

  2. When I do a "function F5" on my toshiba laptop for showing a presentation, I can't get it to get my screen back on the laptop.

  3. You feel as if you are truly getting to be on familiar terms with the girls.

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