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Just a kid wanting to talk with new and interesting people! When I go to college in a few months, I plan on studying Technical theatre and being a jackass.

I lived in France for a few years but now I live in merry old Nova Scotia Canada. My favourite singers are Fall Out Boy, Twenty-One Pilots, Panic! You will often find me reading, writing or DIYing my clothes to make them more me.

I like to wear darker colours and love dark, bold makeup.

Part time rapper,(that's a lie.) I'm also tell really slightly corny, cringey and awkward jokes at times but ..name is Nicole, I am 21 and looking for other female pen pals to write with by email. And on a more personal level, I'd like to chat about what's happening in our own lives, how we feel about things and so on, anything really. *coughs awkwardly* Anyhow, I'm just looking for someone to chat with since 1, I'm bored, 2, I don't have anyone to talk to, and 3, I have nothing else to do better with my life.

I have been pen paling for 4 years now through email and I love it. I try to keep fit by taking regular exercise, so that interests me too. *muffled sobs* I'm just another one of those humans who is quiet and introverted at first, but hyperactive as balls once you get to know me. I have a strange mind and eccentric tendencies, which causes people to laugh nerv...

We are instructed to worship at the altar of Dame Helen Mirren and her fellow goddesses of perpetual, if implausible, youth. But to turn our backs on every single aspect of old-fashioned, traditional grandparenting strikes me as throwing out the baby with the lavender water.

We are persistently hard-sold every weapon in the arsenal that ‘holds back the years’. It’s a loss for the baby and, goodness knows, a loss for the woman too busy with youthful little me-me-me to find time for it.Most of all, babies, especially as they grow older, need to know there is somebody who is not a parent but is still, unconditionally, in their corner. Like thousands of grandmothers, I’m lucky to be a near neighbour of my daughter and her family; I’m also lucky in that I work from home and can juggle accordingly. Either of her parents would happily pick her up after work, if I would let them. The look on Milly’s face when she sees me is beyond dreams: she knocks over her little pals in her scramble for the up-up-up swing into a hug.One friend admits that until her children were ten she allowed nobody other than her mother to babysit because, ‘When the lions come roaring through the window, she is the only person in the world, apart from me, who I know will stand unflinchingly between them and the babies.’ To be fair, for many — indeed, I hope, most — grandmothers, that remains true. Home we come, for our daily hour together; curled up on the sofa, completely forbidden foods in each perfect, tiny hand and Zing Zillas on the television, which the nursery bans. Look, I’m as sensitive as the next woman about being taken for granted.True, I’m no fan of its effortlessly smug sister site, Mumsnet.But I am an out-and-proud grandmother to 18-month-old Milly. Other grandmothers to meet, just as doolally as me.I'm looking for people with similar interests but not someone who wants money or marriage so stay away cheers otherwise drop me a line Semi-Retired, Married, Gentleman seeks Married lady to correspond. What makes your heart beat faster, what disturbs you about the world around us, what experiences you have had and those you would like to have. I'm only interested in a genuine person who feels something missing in her life and who wants to develop a close friendship.

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