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It was a giant rollercoaster having a child in the NICU, but going to the hospital everyday to be with him and praying everyday made a huge difference. My husband had his reversal in February 2016 and by July 2016 we were expecting! 😁😁😁😁 My wife and I lost a daughter in 2011 due to a rare form of dwarfism and in my pain and anger I had a vasectomy in 2012. Wilson's office that would like to have the same opportunity. He had the procedure in January 2016 and we just welcomed a beautiful baby girl on June 17, 2017. Our little angle was born on June 7, 2016 at 8lbs 9oz. Wilson was great an I highly recommend his service for anyone wanting a reliable doctor. My husband had his original vasectomy 18 year prior to the reversal. After 2 pregnancy tests and blood work, we are confirmed around 7 weeks and my wife is due in Nov 2017. He is truly helping out families across the country. Our family has grown and we are now complete because of his help! My husband had a vasectomy in December 2015, one month before our 4th child was born. However, we didnt dicuss in length about the vasectomt but figured we would be fine with it. We got the reversal in April of 2016 & are happy to announce that 11 months later we are due with baby #5 in November 2017. I am so glad we trusted this very important surgery with Dr. We knew shortly after that we were not done having children. Wilson on November of 2016 and just 2 months later, we are expecting our miracle baby!

I am pleased to say that our son, Ethan, is a very healthy 4 month old. Our beautiful healthy baby girl was born In March 2017! He was great and made this possible for our family by keeping costs low. In just under 4 months & we just found out we are pregnant! It was the worst mistake of my life and I had regretted that decision from the moment I did it. Although Josh had a vasectomy for over 5 years, we were able to get pregnant the first month we tried (Sept 2017). We just found out we are pregnant on June 21st 2017. Thank you Reversal Clinic for making our dreams come true. We are thrilled to announce that we are expecting only nine months after the reversal. Thank you for everything and we will continue to tell others about your amazing gift that the Lord has blessed upon you! A couple of months later we began discussing a reversal & after much thought & prayer opened our family to God & His planning. Thank you for what you do & praying with us & being a man of God who does a wonderful job. We were holding off on trying until my wife was closer to being finished with school. I am extremely pleased with how quick we were able to conceive and so excited about our new baby joining our family.

Before I left, you instructed me to get tested after I got back home to Virginia to see if the surgery was a success. Part of the reason is because the process of getting tested made me uncomfortable. Thanks doc I would like to thank you for performing the reversal for my husband and I. We had been trying to conceive right at a years time when I went to the doctor to see if anything was wrong on my end. Wilson was flawless, and relieved my vasectomy pain I had endured for years, as well as restoring my fertility. The part that was hardest for my husband was the initial numbing, which I was not allowed to be present for. Wilson for giving my family this wonderful blessing. From the moment we arrived at your office we felt 'at ease.' This is such an important ministry for so many couples. On February 9th, 2017 we welcomed twin baby boys, Henry and Hudson! Sadly, that pregnancy ended in miscarriage mid October. We thought we were done having babies so we rushed into a vasectomy. My wife and I changed our minds about a year and a half later and decided that we wanted more children. My wife and I started trying for another child about 2 weeks after the surgery and a week or two after that she got pregnant. After 2 years post vasectomy, and 2 beautiful boys, we decided that we still wanted to add to our family. 2016 and 2 months later, January 2017, we found out we were expecting our miracle baby! (We haven't even had our 4 month check up for the semen analysis) My husband and I are overjoyed and cannot wait for this little one to arrive. I felt like my husband was in amazing hands, his recovery was very very quick. Wilson was wonderful and the reversal was a success! We're pleased to announce that we are expecting our first reversal baby in December 2017. My husband Alex had his reversal done in July 2016 after 7 years and we became pregnant in November 2016 and i am due July 25, 2017. My wife and I found out she was pregnant on February 24 and due this October. For those of you contemplating Dr Wilson and his clinic- trust his expertise and what he has done for so many couples.

But the bigger reason was because I really felt like I wanted to leave it in God's hands. After a couple years of no conceiving, my wife and I believed that the surgery was not successful and we were not meant to conceive. Unfortunately I ended up having to have a Total Hysterectomy and BSO due to several reasons. We will always be grateful for his affordable prices and his Christian background that led us to our beautiful miracle baby! Wilson for making this miracle come true via the reversal! The Layman Family If you're wondering if this is possible, it really is. It did take a while, not quite 2 years for my wife to conceive in October 2015, and in June of 2016 she gave birth to our third son Ryan. Wilson's faith and skill, we were blessed with a wonderful new son in our family. My husband and I live in Michigan and researched several doctors that could perform a reversal. Wilson was by far the most qualified and affordable. Ben said that it was pretty painful, but not unbearable. My husband had a vasectomy over 15 years ago, he had it reversed July 6th 2016. Just 6 months after the reversal, we were pregnant!! We area happy to announce that only three months after the reversal we conceived and have been blessed with a baby boy! We drove 14 hours from Ohio and had the procedure done!! It had been 3 years since my husbands reversal when he had it reversed. I had a vasectomy on 9/11/2009 and got it reversed by Dr. On December 19th we discovered we were pregnant again, and our rainbow baby was born on August 24th, 2017. Without his clinic we would never have been able to afford a reversal. Two years later I knew I wasn't done having babies. I opted for a vasectomy reversal and had been hoping for a good chance of success since my vasectomy was less than 2 years prior. Here we are now at 36 weeks of pregnancy and out boys will be welcoming their little sister in just 4 short weeks! Wilson, we are so happy we came to the Reversal Clinic! My husband had his reversal done in May of this year 2017 and it's only August and we are expecting. I pray this encourages & gives hope to other couples who are trying to conceive. We became pregnant with our first reversal baby in May of 2014! Our daughter Juna was born at home on July 26, 2017. I am 47 years old and had my reversal three years after the vasectomy. We couldn't be happier or more grateful with the outcome. Much to our surprise, on June 10, 2015 we had a positive pregnancy test. On January 27, 2016 our beautiful baby girl, Harper, was born. Wilson for giving us the opportunity to complete our family! Wilson performed by husbands reversal on the 29th of January and on July 28th I found out we were expecting. We couldn't be happier and although All thanks to God, this never could have been possible if we hadn't seen Dr. He does so many reversals, it can feel like the speed at which the instructions etc.

When my husband and I found out we were not able to afford a reversal, we were crushed. We did research on this clinic for several months before we decided to make an appointment. We had our reversal done in September 2016, 7 years after the original vasectomy. Just started trying this last 2 cycles & haven't even done analysis yet. Five years later, on May 8th, 2017, I walked into Dr. Thank you for allowing God to use you as an answer to our prayers! My husband had his original vasectomy three years ago, and the reversal in August of 2016. My wife and I felt we rushed into the decision for a vasectomy right after our third child was born. We decided in Nov of 2015 to start trying the next month. We had our reversal in 2010, (8 years out from the vasectomy) we were pregnant about a year later! Wislon and his AFFORDABLE vasectomy reversal; otherwise parenthood would not have been an option for us. Best Valentines Day gift ever, positive pregnancy test!

We prayed for many months for a solution and that's when we found out about Dr. His reasonable rates and experience are what led us to drive 7 hours for the reversal in May 2017. My husband had his reversal on July 9, 2016, just 3 months shy of being 4 years post vasectomy. Wilson informed us that he had only a 70% chance of return to patency. What answered prayer to see the clinic is still thriving and growing larger! When my wife and I decided to check into a vasectomy the rates were insane! I had my vasectomy for almost almost 8 years before getting it reversed in January 2017. A short 3 months later we got a wonderful Christmas present with the news that my wife was pregnant! Wilson's office and by God's grace and provision, Dr. My husband had his vasectomy reversal March 07th, 2017. Dr Wilson had found sperm on the right side and tails on the left. My husband had developed an orange size hematoma shortly afterward. We already have been blessed with five children on earth and one in heaven. Wilson in July 2016 but couldn't "officially" start trying until December 2016. We are expecting our precious bundle December 2017. When the next month came, we were already pregnant. I had my vasectomy in May 2009, and Dr Wilson performed the reversal September of 2016.

And a year to that date I became pregnant again which ended in a BEAUTIFUL BABY BOY . We got pregnant in October and gave birth to Adrian on June 16 , 2013.

17 years later after vasectomy with a vasectomy reversal my husband was able to procreate !!! Wilson said expect 4 months before pregnancy and gave me an 85% chance and my wife is 5 months pregnant! It was ~13 years from vasectomy and I never thought I would be able to have children again and Dr. Dr Wilson is truly gifted, guided by the hand of god.

Many months before that, my wife felt a calling to have another child.

At first I thought she was crazy, especially since I had a vasectomy around 2011.

My husband was 7 1/2 years post vasectomy at the time. We were hopeful in spite of our odds being lower than we'd hoped. We are pleased to announce that our little miracle baby will be here December 2017. Here in about a month we will be adding a baby boy to our family and we are very thankful for Dr. We were concerned that it would affect our chances of getting pregnant. Now, we are excited to see what God does through this reversal. Wilson who was patient and kind to us during the entire process. With admiration, Justin and Randi Phillips Honea Path, SC We had our reversal in September, we began trying in December and we are now expecting our baby on Christmas! Baldwin made us feel so comfortable despite the nervousness my husband (and I) were feeling. Wilson did my husband procedure on 2008 his vasectomy was well over 20 years old after a few miscarriage's we happily announce we are 15 weeks pregnant with a baby girl! Wilson is a huge blessing to our family, highly recommend. We are so excited and can't thank Dr Wilson enough for what he provides.

We were shocked to find out we were pregnant 3 months after the procedure. Wilson enough for running his business with integrity and helping us grow our family. Wilson, You performed my reversal on October 15, 2012 in your clinic. After my procedure 3 months later we were pregnant and we have a one year old daughter and my wife is 7 months pregnant with another girl. A couple years ago my husband, Sean, and I felt that we were meant to have more children. We found out on September 30th we were pregnant, just 2 1/2 months after the reversal! I had a vasectomy performed on me at the end of 2015. There were no complications following the procedure and nothing to worry about. In the years following we had 5 heartbreaking miscarriages. It happened a lot faster than what we expected and honestly my wife was thinking it wouldn't work. Praise be to God though because on June 16th, 2017 I got a big fat positive!!! He even took time to pray with us prior to the surgery which honestly made this event so much more meaningful. The surgery was a success and he has had perfect analysis since! When the baby comes we will send pictures to follow. Sincerely, Tricia Made the appointmet in November and had the procedure done on December 9th. Baldwin went over everything with my wife and I and performed the procedure in 2 hours. Our best wishes to those of you still in the process.

Waited a couple of weeks before flying back home to Kampala. In June my wife became pregnant again and on February 1st, 2017 she gave birth to a very healthy, although premature, baby boy. she is due 3 weeks after our 1 year date that we came to the clinic! We were all the way in the low percentage pregnancy rate because my husband has had his vasectomy for 15 years but Dr. We couldn't afford IVF and decided let's just do the reversal and then we leave it in God's hands. The procedure was done on March 2017 and less than a year later now January 2018 I got my BFP (big fat positive) pregnancy test and due in Sept 2018!! We just wanted to share with you that we now have a beautiful 3.5 month baby girl.


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