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“We believe the best way to get to know someone, and find out whether you like them, is by talking to them,” the app’s website states.

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There are a few more things that the vacant slot in the photograph slot suggests, though: #3 You are too goddamn inept to figure out how to upload a jpeg. #4 You are too goddamn inept to even log in to your profile page again after signing up.

#5 You think you are above social networking and online living, despite the fact that it has been credited as being for living (and working) in the 21st century. I really, really do.) #6 You really and truly believe that you are too busy to scour through your millions of digital photographs for that perfect shot that captures who you are.

OKCupid found that this was the case in a couple of those weird experiments they conducted; Tinder is pretty much entirely built on a “hot or not?

” system; and even the kinds of messages you’re likely to get vary depending on how you look in your pictures.

Here is something one of my family members recently said to me in regards to his choice to have no profile photo on his homepage: “I don’t want all kinds of perverts and predators looking at my picture; the last thing I need is a stranger getting off on my photo.” Let’s first give you a mental picture of this family member: he is in his mid-50s, roughly 250 lbs, generally wears khaki shorts and flannels everywhere he goes, and spends the majority of his time drinking Coors, playing video poker, and scratching his unkempt mustache.

So my first response to this is that he should be so lucky to have anyone looking at his photographs online obsessively with the fires of lust burning below the keyboard.

It’s still true, faithful blog followers: we live in a material world and are a bunch of material girls.

#2 It further implies that if you are not horrible to look at, you are terribly narcissistic and paranoid.

When a person chooses to not have a profile picture on any given online profile, they are suggesting a few very specific things about themselves, all of which are the antithesis of being “social”: #1 It implies you feel you are horrible to look at.

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