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The creation of 23-year-old Michael Brunch, Willow has a “talk first, reveal photos later” philosophy.Unlike pretty much every other site and app out there, there’s no rating system or algorithm that matches people based on compatibility.Here is something one of my family members recently said to me in regards to his choice to have no profile photo on his homepage: “I don’t want all kinds of perverts and predators looking at my picture; the last thing I need is a stranger getting off on my photo.” Let’s first give you a mental picture of this family member: he is in his mid-50s, roughly 250 lbs, generally wears khaki shorts and flannels everywhere he goes, and spends the majority of his time drinking Coors, playing video poker, and scratching his unkempt mustache.

My second is simply: how, exactly, would complete strangers swooning over your oh-so-debonair picture affect you anyway?

Lastly, this reeks of a paranoid narcissism; as if the entire world is out to find pictures of , not to mention they are all looking for those pictures to lust after you.

Anything goes; you can ask about everyone’s most embarrassing childhood memories, or how they feel about velociraptors, or whatever else you can come up with. Tap the ones that interest you to answer them; swipe to pass them by if they leave you cold. I wanted to create an app that got people talking.” The idea, he said, came from a guest lecture he attended a NYU on empathy.

The goal is to start an awesome conversation — and only after you’ve gotten talking will your profile pictures be revealed. “She was basically saying, ‘Reach out to other people.

Taffy is a dating and friendship app that operates on the premise that getting to know someone through text can sometimes be better than judging solely on how they look. (An Android version is promised soon.) So how, exactly, does this work?

Basically you won’t be able to see your potential match's photos at first.

For Christ’s sakes, if anyone on the social network thought this much about their profile picture, the world would have a dearth of crappy, fuzzy, and poorly taken (read: camera phone pointed at mirror, tilted sideways) pictures for us all to make fun of.

Get over yourselves, you aren’t too busy to snap a picture and upload it. Having no profile photograph at all is just plain obnoxious, and it implies quite a bit about you that me-thinks you’d rather not have implied.

Maybe you’re a woman with a full beard; possibly you’re a man for whom the size of your entire face is roughly 1/8th the size of your nose.


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  2. “What this does is it gives you the same benefit of the clarity in who’s supposed to start the conversation, without forcing one set of rules on you just because of your gender.” Hinge says it tested the feature last week in London and Washington, D. with tens of thousands of users and found that it decreased the number of matches that don’t lead to a conversation by 25 percent.

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