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The body is a one piece mahogany and the guitar has the neck attached by way of a set-through construction.

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OFF-HOLD: 2008 Gibson Custom ES-339 - Antique Vintage Sunburst, (front), (back), (headstock), (case). Quality Custom Shop piece for the player looking for the 335 Dot look, tone, and feel, in a guitar that's smaller and lighter.

Gibson designed the 339 as a scaled down ES-335, altering the lines slightly so it doesn't look like a shrunken Dot and from the audience view it pretty much looks like a full size Dot.

Pickups were swapped out from the original 57 Classics to a set of Fralin Big Singles ($300/pair), which are noted for their more articulate single coil tonewithout the hum of a single coil.

In addition, it has been wired for the volume controls on top; tones on bottom, rather than side/side.

Frets are in lovely shape so it sets up with very comfortable action = made for shredding.

One mod has been done: stock was two volumes and no tone control.

We changed it to a Master volume and tone, with a push-pull on the tone to get single coil tones out of both pickups.

If youre a collector you know these are few and far between. Includes tidy original case that hugs the body all around and trem arm.

Easily holds 6-8 pedals with escape holes in the front to run your send/return main cables.


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  7. He recently asked me out and says he has feelings for me and loves everything about me. I don't think it be important because we said we won't care about our past we will care about our future that'sit pls help me if you guys know this situation. Before i ask my question i will say the summer of our relationship in this six months: At the begging she pritend her self as a student and who lookinf for a part time job like me i was looking too. He flew 8 hours once a month over the weekend so we can spend time together. I admit that sways my decision towards giving it a go despite my reluctance in the beginning.

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