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“The train only runs once a week, so if you get off the train for longer than the brief stop in the station, then you stay for a week to pick up the next train.

I’ll stop in Alice Springs, and catch a ride to Uluru in the Outback where I can ‘touch the silence,’ she wrote.“It was an extraordinary journey to Nepal.

I rarely saw tourists, instead choosing to stay where the locals stay and eat where the locals eat.

I was privileged to explore remote areas where no foreigners have ever been.

I spent 13 days trekking on my own in the Himalayas, challenging my physical limitations and developing my endurance as I ascended to 12,700 feet [3,867 meters].

And it was here that I witnessed the briefest of moments as a swirl of clouds parted to reveal a momentary glimpse of the majestic and enigmatic Mt.

My time in Nepal also included 11 consecutive days spent in silence at a meditation center with a rigorous schedule, up at 4 a.m.

and lights out at p.m., with lengthy meditation sessions sitting cross-legged as I learned ignore the physical challenges and repeatedly tried to simply sit still.

I also enjoyed 20 collective days of serenity at a nunnery in Kathmandu, surrounded by more than 100 Tibetan Buddhist nuns ranging from age 83 down to age 6, praying, studying, fulfilling responsibilities as the echoes of chanted mantras rang throughout the courtyard from in the morning until late at night.

Yes, there are ‘baby nuns,’ whose parents are thrilled their young daughters are getting the benefit of a formal education, learning to read, write and speak not only Tibetan, but also English, and are learning from revered Tibetan scriptures.

Some may believe my choice to not speak will mean that I’m deaf.


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  2. The city was the site of "The Los Angeles Air Raid of 1942" during World War II, when observers for the Army Air Corps reported shells being fired from the sea.

  3. The end-to-end encrypted feature lets people control who they share with and for how long.

  4. Wat iemand voor werk doet, op welk niveau dit is en hoeveel uren dit per week zijn geven je een goed beeld van de financiële positie van je date.

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