Brothers against sisters dating

The brother and sister who knew that they were defying the law by joining together in matrimony.

Of course, their wedding day had to be kept as a somewhat low-key affair.

Friends and family should have packed into the local church and photographers should have taken beautiful pictures for their local paper.

The delighted bride and groom should have danced through confetti before being waved off by an elated congregation as they were chauffeured away in a luxury car.

There was no church, no function and no amusing tales of how the lovers’ paths crossed.

But so determined are they to spend the rest of their lives together that they sealed their union during an intimate civil marriage ceremony last week.

They grew up in separate towns about 100 miles apart and they met by chance during a night out socialising in a town neither of them is from.

In fact, their meeting differed little to how another young man and woman met back in the 1980s.

In an exclusive interview with the Irish Mail on Sunday, the brother and sister speak openly about their wedding day and their future plans for their young family.

It is illegal for siblings to wed, and to protect themselves they have adopted the names of ‘James’ and ‘Maura’.

As is often the way in these situations, she still met a young man – who we shall call ‘Tom’ – who took her fancy.

They dated for the next four to five weeks but the romance soon fizzled out and they went their separate ways.

Looking stunning in her ivory wedding gown, a heavily pregnant Maura told the Mo S: ‘It was a bit difficult and it was a very different day to the wedding day I would have thought that I’d have had since I was a girl.‘I would have liked to have the big celebration and the whole church ceremony but it was fine.‘We had our family and friends there and we had a good time.

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