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At honeymoon stage the parent were asking to the son (newly married) to file loan without telling it to the wife (the newly married), asking the son to give money thousands just for application form a& to give IDs, employment contract just have seen the test message by the wife but the husband made it secret until found out.Is this grounds for annulment, this is one of the lies (to much lies).So now I wanted to settle things over so that both of us can re-marry to someone else.

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I just found out they have moved to another place, and I know for sure she does not want to see me forever. With the help of my family (mom,brother and sister), I was able to raise our daughter. I mean he doesn’t even give single cent for the child. Sandy, Non payment of support is not grounds for annulment or legal separation.

a friend(girl) was married when she was 17 yrs old. Since the first month of our baby, my husband NEVER GIVES SUPPORT ON US. *** If that is so, then what is the best thing for me to do, since I wanted to marry again to a more responsible person? Sandy, Only the grounds as posted above can be used to file a petition for annulment.

SEPARATION: being separated from your spouse with or without communication is not grounds for annulment.

It does not matter how many years you are separated. and what case can i used if i was merried only because iam pregnant…and he was plan before to abort my baby…and after almost 1 year of our merried he was not comeback in our house.

is there a legal basis for me to file for my marriage to be declared null & void? of The Family Code of the Philippines: The following marriages shall be void from the beginning (1) Those contracted by any party below 18 years if age even with the consent of the parents or guardians.

Hi, I was married june 2002 before I’ve gone to work in abroad then came back to philippines at september 2003 and found out that we cannot live together because of me being unemployed for some months and we have separated since april 2004, but did not file an annullment due to financial problems.

Also, there are other criteria to take into account to to see if the marriage is voidable. Anna, was your boyfriends wife a Canadian or Filipino Citizen at the time of divorce? I want to get marry with him so that i can petition him.

Does the cucubinage or adultery may considered as grounds for annulment? If Filipino your boyfriend must file a petition for annulment if Canadian your BF can file a petition of recognition for foreign divorce. 2008, but he’s not leaving with the girl after they got married, instead, we are leaving together, i’m with him everyday until i moved here in Florida, just last month. now, my question is, can he file an annulment next year even if they just got married? Blake, If the grounds exist you may file annulment.

I wanted to file an annulment but am not sure on what ground or him having kid and living with his girl can use as a ground for filing an annulment? Shiela, please email us if you would like a consultation on what grounds to file a petition for annulment. he was married before we met and after a year they separated (not legally) because the girl committed an adultery.

they have 5 yrs old son and living with my BF family (we are working abroad at the moment)and now they are separated for more than 3 yrs.

Vilma, you must see what grounds for annulment are the most suitable for your case and consult with a lawyer to file the petition for annulment.


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