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Think Mc Cartney and Sting—not Flea, who’s a drummer in bass players’ clothing (which apparently is a tube sock). About a mile from the hall the bus slides off an embankment and gets stuck in the snow.The very fact that you don’t know who played bass for most of the great American bands is testament to the bass player’s humility. The members discuss what to do, and they realize that if they walk, they can still make their starting time. There's normally now the singers and guitarists who 'do a bit of synth' ...

I still care about who they are talking to on Tinder and would love to help them decide who to swipe right for.

I make an effort to invite friends out for dinner or coffee or drinks; I don’t always bring my boyfriend when I’m invited out; and I often don’t come along when my boyfriend is going out with his friends.

It’s not my friends’ fault; maybe they think a specific outing seems too “single-y” and I won’t be interested, or maybe they assume that I am already booked for a dinner and movie date for the next ten thousand Friday nights, so I won’t be free.

But I try to make a point to my friends that my boyfriend and I are not that couple that went to my middle school who wore matching jeans and black turtlenecks on Fridays.

Plus you’ll be expected to do a lot of stage-side swaying and swooning as though you hadn’t heard that exact song played that exact way 17 kajillion times before. Well, if she is "over sharing," at least it's being subtly done, I guess. Watching this scene, one of the musicians turns to his bandmates and says, “How do people live like that? And we do work tirelessly to meld together the guitar player's licks to the drummer's rhythms.

But if your inner groupie simply won’t be stifled, don’t fret. Not sure it's "creepy," but it does seem a bit odd vs. It's all about making someone else look good, and you need to be self secure to do it. At least half the time someone else cooks me dinner. (And, you know, the loving each other unconditionally thing.) But in other ways, maintaining the singularity that has always defined me while maintaining a relationship with a significant other can be tough.Here are some ways I’ve found to keep the relationship strong while still being as independent as ever. Just because you love someone, doesn’t mean you need to share a secondhand couch and a loofa.Plus, you get to relish having your own room as long as possible, and nobody can voice their opinions about the amount of lacy pillows on your bed. Sometimes my friends completely neglect to invite me to things.At first it makes me sad, but then I remember that when you are part of a couple, sometimes your friends get stuck seeing you as an amorphous couple blob, unable to disconnect from Netflix, wine, and woolen blankets long enough to participate in other types of fun.But instead, I met my partner — who turned out to be more of a Cory than a Shawn — at 20 and things just kept going well.

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