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He lived upstairs and had bought all this alcohol to practice making drinks.

I remember laying on the ground looking at the walls just wave back and forth and then the duct work started falling down from above.

We all went outside and listened to the radio for a while.

My ex-husband suffered Post Traumatic Stress syndrome, not sleeping for over 2 months and having suicidal thoughts.

He chose to go away, to a family Health Retreat, Wilbur Hot Springs to re-group; we were unsure when, or if, he would be able to return.

I recall one report saying the Bay Bridge fell down. After about 30 minutes or so, we went back into the office and began to work again – all of a few minutes when an aftershock hit.

I recall our VP of Engineering saying “I’m blowing this popcorn stand.” and he left.

I recall in Los Altos the strong smell of a broken gas line. I recall cop cars driving around at night with the alley lights on lighting up the left and right of their cars.

I got up to 280 and along they way there was a separation of the roadway in the Los Altos area – the crack went across the entire freeway. I recall it being dark going up the street and all the street lights were out. We heard that looting was going on down the street.

Our home in the Santa Cruz Mountains, on October 17, 1989, was essentially, directly over the epicenter of the Loma Prieta earthquake; our home was destroyed, our daughter and I were seriously injured, requiring emergency room treatment and months of physical therapy.


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