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He was so rough, but it really got me excited, which just added to my horny pussy wanting him more.

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He called me a slut did up his pants and got in his car, leaving me there with cum on my back face and torn panties. Luckily I only lived a couple of blocks away, and when I had the strength, I took my torn panties off and walked home. Both Daddy and Uncle George already had there cocks out and were stroking them.

Mommy led me over to the couch, as she undid my bra and slid my panties down. Mommy was between their legs sucking there balls and tugging there ball sacks.

I was still trembling from my climax and laid my head down on Uncle George's lap with his cock head in my mouth wanting all I could get.

Mary was looking in the mirror and suddenly saw the reflection of a scary masked guy standing behind her.

She took a bottle of lube and began rubbing me down, as I bent over and began sucking cocks switching back and forth. He pushed me back and sucked on my rock hard nipples. I lost all feeling as I began shaking and convulsing. Daddy pulled out and stood in front of Mommy as Uncle lifted me off and placed me beside Mommy. Uncle George shot first hitting me on the forehead, then in my mouth. We both sucked and jerked until they fell back on the couch.

I was getting more and more excited as Mommy rubbed my pussy and slid her finger between my little ass cheeks, and probing her lubed finger in my but hole. I looked over to see Uncle Georges cock sliding in and out of Mommy's ass. Daddy stood up as Mommy slid off, and Daddy sat me on Uncle George's cock slowly, as he filled my ass. We both looked at each other and began licking cum off each other. He turned me around just in time for him to spurt on my face. I gobbled up the last of his cum as it dribbled out sucking him dry. I got home and Mommy took one look, shook her head and told me to go shower. What the fuck, I thought I have to wear church clothes, and she's going to a sex party. She turned me around, pulled my hair to the side kissed my neck, as she undid the zipper of my dress.I looked up with my little innocent girl face smiled with his cum running down my face. I looked in the mirror and my top was cum stained dry cum on my head and my back. Uncle George and Daddy whistled, as I sat pissed off. Gently pulled it off my shoulders and let it drop to the floor. Pick up your clothes and off you go." I frowned picked up my bra panties dress, gave them a dirty look and went upstairs. I smiled remembering how I'd altered my school uniform, and couldn't wait to wear it on my first day back for my last year. I felt so used and sluttish, as he pumped both my holes. The sloshing of him pumping my wet pussy was filling my head causing me to lose all feeling. I heard a knock on the door, Daddy jumped up and went to answer. "Uncle George." I exclaimed running over and giving him a hug, feeling his bulge when I did.My pussy tightened around his fat cock and I could feel him tense, and scream. "You you grew up." He stammered, looking down embarrassed. I don't know how you could tell, with me dressed like a choir girl.She instinctively turned around and tried to resist him as he began tearing off her dress and panties, but he smashed her lip with a powerful blow and forced his crying victim to swallow his thick cock and then spread her legs to let him penetrate into her tight slit.

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