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Alternatively, the Indo-European word *gʰm-on "man" (cf.

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After World War II, the Soviet Union demanded war reparations from Finland not only in money but also in material, such as ships and machinery. It rapidly developed an advanced economy while building an extensive welfare state based on the Nordic model, resulting in widespread prosperity and one of the highest per capita incomes in the world.

The earliest written appearance of the name Finland is thought to be on three runestones.

Finland joined the OECD in 1969, the NATO Partnership for Peace in 1994, and finally the Eurozone at its inception, in 1999.

Finland was a relative latecomer to industrialisation, remaining a largely agrarian country until the 1950s.

In 1809, Finland was incorporated into the Russian Empire as the autonomous Grand Duchy of Finland.

In 1906, Finland became the first European state to grant all adult citizens the right to vote, and the first in the world to give all adult citizens the right to run for public office.

At the time Finland had three main cultural areas, Southwest Finland, Tavastia and Karelia, as reflected in contemporary jewellery.

From the late 13th century, Finland gradually became an integral part of Sweden through the crusades and the Swedish part-colonisation of coastal Finland, a legacy reflected in the prevalence of the Swedish language and its official status.

Finland joined the United Nations in 1955 and established an official policy of neutrality.


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