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Ryl, bonsoir, vous commencerez à la 9, vous tournerez ensuite.» On s'installe, jaugeant ses voisins de table, dont certains papotent déjà avant le top départ, en attendant le binôme anglophone qui viendra s'asseoir en face. Mes amies m'ont d'ailleurs chambrée quand je leur ai écrit à quoi je m'étais inscrite », pouffe Lisa, déboulant table 5 avec son chocolat chaud.

"The functional office has become a privileged place where people should stop, breathe, enjoy, reflect, and eliminate the shock caused by our hyper-activity."The best way to adopt the slow lifestyle trend at the office? Beautifully-crafted officeware encourages a moment of appreciation and is on the menu from here on out. I immediately loved the way their quirky designs still had an authentically storied feel.

Of course France is big on tradition, but today's designers are more than happy to turn it on its head. Because they do: each of their ceramic designs is "made in the crafting tradition to recover the old's shape's memory, but also to reinvent today's dish."Also keeping tradition alive without feeling stale is Imagerie d'Epinal.

A mi-soirée, personne ne respecte les dix minutes de pause décrétées par les organisateurs : le niveau sonore est monté, ça papote à tout va.

« C'est toujours comme ça », sourit fièrement Steven.

« Vous aurez quinze minutes ensemble avant de changer de « partenaire » : commencez dans la langue que vous voulez, au bout de sept minutes, l'animatrice viendra vous demander de changer. Mais de speed dating, pour la jeune et très blonde Canadienne, comme pour Wojtek, quadragénaire polonais en poste pour un an à Paris après dix ans aux Etats-Unis, pas question.

« Je prends des leçons de français une heure par semaine avec un prof, je regarde beaucoup les émissions politiques à la télé.Let me set the scene: I was in one of the most romantic cities in the world, anxiously sitting at a table across from an empty chair (champagne in hand, to take the edge off) soon-to-be filled by a stranger (who will hopefully entertain my Frenglish). At the Maison et Objet design fairs in the France, I went on micro-dates with some of the country's top designers to learn everything about their respective businesses, trend forecasts, and design a matter of minutes.Here is what my not-very-romantic, but very informative speed-dating experience taught me about the French design trends that are on the rise right now.Seated or standing, this is the kind of desk creative workers around the globe are desperately in need of.A slightly less conventional take on furniture design, i Bride's animal-shaped furniture line (yes, you read that correctly) boasts impressive sculptural design and features USB ports as well as an LED light.We are beyond envious of how seriously they take their personal time.


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