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The -t option specifies the type information to be displayed, in this case, type 0 is for BIOS information.

# dmidecode -t 0 # dmidecode 3.0 Getting SMBIOS data from sysfs. Handle 0x0000, DMI type 0, 24 bytes BIOS Information Vendor: Intel Corp.

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I have been running BOINC for several years to participate in various distributed computing environments and have been using those two computers almost exclusively as compute platforms for that purpose.

I decided that I wanted to add more computing power to those tasks so decided to update some of my older computers rather than purchasing new ones.

So I downloaded the most recent and tried to use the F7 option at boot time to upgrade the BIOS.

What this means is that the initial BIOS display at boot time includes an F7 option in addition to F2 to enter BIOS configuration and F10 to enter the Boot options menu.

I installed Core i3 G620 CPUs with 2 cores and no hyperthreading at 2.6GHz. To upgrade, I purchased a pair of unlocked Intel 17-3770K at 3.5GHz processors to replace the existing ones.

These are the fastest ones available for those motherboards and my research on the Intel website revealed that these processors would work.

My original BIOS was version 23 and, according to the Intel website, the most current version is 120.

Note that not all of the intervening BIOS version numbers were released to the public, but there were still 20 versions posted and 17 were more recent than mine.

I pressed F7 and selected the BIOS file that I had placed on a FAT formatted USB stick.


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