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This coming Tuesday, Black Sheep Coffee is spreading love a little faster on Valentine’s day, as two employees, Samantha Kynett and Anna Goodrich, will host a speed dating event.For , you can participate in Black Sheep’s event starting at 6 p.m. Potential participants can sign up by going to the coffee shop and filling out a form.

“I believe it’s important for girls to understand they should put aside stereotypes and gender roles and try whatever interests them.” Marshall agreed.

Young women from Denver-area high schools met with women working in science, technology, engineering and math to learn more about the various opportunities and professions in those fields at the Bringing STEM to Life event.

Anna Goodrich (left) and Samantha Kynett, seniors at JMU, will cohost the first speed dating event on Feb. The Valentine’s Day event is open to anyone over the age of 18 and guests will be provided with a cookie and drink.

Tucked away in downtown Harrisonburg’s Ice House, Black Sheep Coffee shares its eclectic vibe with the Shenandoah Valley one coffee at a time.

Speed dating reflects Black Sheep’s encouragement of face-to-face interaction rather than being buried behind technology.

Their shop was recently named Best Coffee Shop by Blue Ridge Outdoors magazine.“If I wasn’t hosting it I would be one of the first to sign up,” Kynett said.

Cindy Marshall, an engineering manager who’s been with Denver Water for 14 years, gathered five other Denver Water women to join dozens of Denver-area professionals to inspire the leaders of tomorrow.

“I know there is a lack of female STEM role models, which is why this event is so important,” said Marshall.

Martinez was the only female in her college engineering and computer science courses, and one of only a handful of women in her master’s program.

“I didn’t know any women working in software engineering when I was younger; those role models just weren’t there,” Martinez said.

Cajetans Building on the Denver Auraria Campus for a “speed dating” event that six women from Denver Water couldn’t miss. This matchmaking event was all about science — designed to motivate and develop women in non-traditional fields.

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