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location # 876, Clerk 99, her name I believe is Angie. This Cashier was very rude & had very poor customer service with my wife also making comments that she don’t do nothing but run the register, we will not be stopping at this location again.I just thought the company should be aware of this cashiers attitude with paying customers Reply I don’t know where to start I’ve had multiple experiences with this company and none of it was good lately, the rudest I’ve ever seen in my life.I know the big corps won’t miss my 0 a day but least I feel better knowing I’m not handing it over to crooks.

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As of 2015, Pilot Flying J is the leading seller of over the road diesel fuel in America.

The company is also the largest Travel Center in the US, while holding the third place position as a provider of fast food franchises. I have bought 95% of my fuel no less than 1200 gallons a month from Pilot Flying J.

Tagged as: pilot flying j corporate headquarters, pilot flying j corporate office, pilot flying j corporate office email address, pilot flying j corporate office fax, pilot flying j corporate office phone number, Pilot flying J customer complaint desk, Pilot Flying J customer complaints, pilot flying j headquarters, pilot flying j main office I don’t understand why regular gas buyers can’t get shower points. They should address this Reply I would not recomend working for this company at all! store that just opened is full of people that are lost on how to treat people and how to train for the job! If you like to treated sh**ty then go to Pilot Reply If you believe the Pilot Flying J cares about the average driver you’re wrong. As a loyal customer for many years I still only get 1 Point per gallon on all fuel that I purchase unlike drivers for large corporations you know the sh***y top 3 Swift Werner and England who’s drivers get 5 points per gallon.

I usually pump 40 or more gallons everyday but can’t even get a single point towards a shower. If you call their customer service and ask if you can get more points they will tell you no your company has to make a deal with them.

In 2001, Pilot and Marathon join forces again to form Pilot Travel Centers.

In 2003, the company acquires Williams Travel Centers. In 2008, the company buys Marathon’s shares back for a second time.

In 2010, Pilot buys Flying J’s travel stations from Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and Pilot Flying J is formed.

Pilot Flying J currently operates over 550 truck stops, convenience stores and restaurants in the US and Canada.

Moved to Dublin Ga & have used store# 058.time I come to fill-up for gas I have to go into the station which is very time consuming I understand once maybe twice but 8 times at different pumps & they say to come inside????

Manager was very nice said they had trouble w/pump the next time said maybe my card so I used another pump card was fine.has been at different pumps what gives???

Diesel used to be the cheapest fuel out there now it’s the highest for whatever reason.


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