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If Mobile Device user in new AX 2012 R3 WMS is set as Cycle Count Supervisor, they can not successfuly post a Cycle Count transactoin to say the Locaiton is empty, they get error ‘The value “itemid” is not found in the map’Transfer receipt on RF device of serial tracked item from non-WMS to WMS fails with error “Serial number XXXXXX already exists physically in the inventory” on application with DAXSE 2742393 changes applied Records are not deleted in the Config Choice and Eco Res Config tables when a product variant and configuration are deleted.The existence of these records prevents the configuration from being re-created. Populate Item Receipt Preview Text Periodic create direct delivery orders job does not respect the selection criteria entered by user; instead it ignores criteria and creates direct delivery POs for all open Sales lines marked for direct delivery Concurrent running Ledger Consolidations will cause duplicated Dimenion Hierarchy, Dimension Hierarchy level entries causing the Year End Closing process to fail with the error “Function Dimension Segment has been incorrectly called”Vendor transaction with retained taxes and installments – It is not deducting the tax on the first installment in case the “Sales tax allocation” parameter on Payment schedule form when it is setup to allocate tax on the first installment The unapproved revisions amount are showing incorrect when you change the Filter to Current Year or Customer range in the Project Budget Balances form after you do a budget balance transfer from one subproject to another of from one category to another.[WHT] The Tax Withholding groups being saved on the Vend Invoice Trans are the ones from the Purch Line, and not from the Vend Invoice Info Line.Open Power Broker, go to Forms, Delete Word Documents, find a document that has a duplicate name and delete either one or both letters.

cdx files not updating correctly on server-50

Cdx files not updating correctly on server

Until Resolved, should you find that you are having a display issue with Vista, please go to Start, Control Panel, Personalization, Appearance, and change from Aero, to Vista Basic, or some other option, and then test. Usually this means that you are sitting at a computer that does not have the same drive letter as indicated in Utilities, Define Your Company Information, Software Directories.

If you are in an office with 20 people and every desktop PB Icon points to H:\BRO\BROW.

In a Project Production order, posting route card journals with a different resource than originally selected during production estimation (Price calculation), causes committed costs to not get deducted correctly. Custom Field’ does not implement interface member ‘Microsoft. Error: A null value was found for the property named ‘Hcm Position Duration_Position’, which has the expected type ‘Edm. Contact your system administrator.” When running through the Purchase Order Year-End Process.

Catch weight quantities from Job or Route card journals are not transferred to the Report as finished journal. Continuation of 1704650Update the catch weight quantity using Registration function from the journal is triggering the error message: ‘Quantity ordered cannot be reduced because there are not enough open stock transactions with the ordered status.

Open the good document directly from clicking on the name, and it will give you the 'options' 'remove data header sources' error, and then I close it. If the system will not allow you to delete these two files because they are being used someone else, this means that the files are locked on your server. If so, exit all Power Broker users, and go to Tables, User Security Codes, create a new users matching the same security settings as the existing user, go to Utilities, Change User Security Codes and run this from the numeric code to the alpha code.\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VFP and delete vfp8and then install \BRO\again2) Delete \BRO\and \BRO\file and try logging in again.3) Shut down workstation, and log back on, and test again 4) Disconnect mapped drive, and reconnect mapped drive This error occurs when a user i.d. Open Windows Explorer, browse to your \BRO folder and create a folder that matches the User Code. Should you find files in this folder that have the extension, you may delete them and their cousin files.

The way to release these files is to go to the server, Start, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Computer Management, Shared Folders, Open Files, and find/close anyone using and If it does not allow you to delete the files, a server reboot may be required.

A) If drive letters have been changed on your computer, re-assign the original letter to the CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, or operating system drive.

Follow the steps appropriate to your operating system: B) Verify that registry entries do not contain invalid drive letters that might be causing this error: This error occurred when clicking on the camera icon on the customer screen. Open Windows Explorer, browsed to \bro\word97 folder.

The displayed packing slip lines are incorrect in the Overview tab in the “Posting packing slip” form after you arrange the sales orders when you try to post the packing slip for more than 1 sales order“Shipping charges for packing slip YYY for sales order XXX were not retrieved” when invoicing a sales order with lines that are mixed with both warehouse and direct delivery shipments when using shipping carrier interface.

In a Project Production order, posting route card journals with a different resource than originally selected during production estimation (Price calculation), causes committed costs to not get deducted correctly.

EPOS – Invalid Transaction ID generated in EPOS when recalling a transaction that was suspended in a different terminal causes 2 issues – 1- breaks show journal on MPOS.


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