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Locals, who originally relied on tongs, resented the Northern newcomers because their dredges allowed them to collect a heftier bounty.After Chesapeake Bay residents acquired dredgers of their own, they also found themselves fighting against gun-happy local authorities, from both Maryland and Virginia, who were desperately trying to maintain order on the chaotic waters.He and a young man named Frank had snuck onto the waters of the Chesapeake Bay to harvest oysters.

The waters around Maryland and Virginia boasted some of the richest, most plentiful beds in the world, spurring an oyster boom akin to an aquatic gold rush.

Soon, people from across the globe were importing Chesapeake Bay oysters, coveting their own chance to slurp mouthfuls of the mollusk.

Ready to shop, open the App as you enter and wave a code on he screen above a gate to enter and you’re ready to go.

There are no cashiers at this 1800 square feet high-tech Amazon Go store; except there are greeters, stockers to refill shelves and one person check IDs near the alcohol.

Just walk out when you have completed your selection and you’ll get a message regarding your purchases, simple and quick when your are in a rush.

Thompson, a 20th-century river worker, came under fire from local oyster police.

Their treasure came in a shell rather than a chest, its value found within the slimy meat shuttered inside.

In fact, calling members of the Mosquito Fleet “pirates” doesn’t quite accurately depict what they truly were: poachers.

Thompson revved his watercraft into action, racing forward in an attempt to outrun the police, who were rapidly approaching, their gunfire shattering his windows.

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