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'Below Deck' Star Kate Chastain Arrested on Domestic Violence Charge “The charges have been dropped and I'm allowed to talk freely about it later,” she shares.“So, right now, I'm agreeing to not talk about it until about March. But now what's exciting for me is, like, potted plants.

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While the two cops were talking to each other and having a nice tasty doughnut, the busty hooker tried to escape.

The window was her best try so she placed her legs first over the window and needed to pull her torso out but she got stuck. The female cop saw this and came over to teach her a lesson.

There was the fence, the whore hopped on to jump over it, but due to the laws of gravity, her huge knockers were preventing her from reaching over since they here so heavy.

The dark raven got caught and was placed in the cop car.

But then, come March, I am really ready to talk freely about it. And throw pillows.”“I can't be around humans breathing all the time! “I want to decorate.”Still, Kate will always answer the call when Captain Lee -- her Below Deck co-star -- calls.“I feel really lucky that, you know, for six weeks, I get to escape reality and go work for Captain Lee and make a bunch of money,” she admits. [I’m down to] one charter season a year and that's all.

A lot of people are like, ‘Are you sure you want to revisit that? If you feel like you never got your chance to say, you know, something. I'm gonna see how I feel in March.”For now, she’s just focused on her career -- though she does admit she’ll be ready to settle down sooner rather than later.“I only meant to do [yachting] for a year after college,” she says. I'm spoiled working for Captain Lee at this point.”Below Deck airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. For more Bravo goodness, check out our chat with Real Housewives of Dallas star Lee Anne Locken below.

The cops were fucking and there was even a reverse cowgirl position that took place.

At one point the female cop squirted as she had the best dicking of her life.

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My step-sis is such a tomboy that she wanted me to help her out with her boxing training.

The bitches even made out as the pussy was getting fucked.

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