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During this era Lord Mansfield declared that a slave who fled from his master could not be taken by force or sold abroad, in the case of Somerset_v_Stewart.

This verdict fuelled the numbers of Blacks that escaped slavery, and helped send slavery into decline.

Leading black activists of this era included Olaudah Equiano, Ignatius Sancho and Quobna Ottobah Cugoano.

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The Blacks in London lived among the whites in areas of Mile End, Stepney, Paddington and St Giles.

The majority of these people did not live as slaves, but as servants to wealthy whites.

the slave trade was abolished completely in the British empire by 1834.

The number of blacks in London was steadily declining with these new laws.

In 1737 George Scipio was accused of stealing Anne Godfrey's washing, the case rested entirely on whether or not Scipio was the only black man in Hackney at the time.

Around the 1750s London became the home of many of Blacks, Jews, Irish, Germans, and Huguenots.

Many white people claimed that they were the superior race and that blacks were not as intelligent as whites.

They tried to hold up their accounts with scientific evidence, for example the size of the brain.

In 1764 The Gentleman's Magazine reported that there was 'supposed to be near 20,000 Negroe servants' -Evidence of the number of black residents in London has been found through registered burials.

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