Updating in cold fusion

Now, the thing to do is to create a loop of some kind, use the index of that loop (a sequencing numerical value) to check for the existence of a form element and if it exists, do your update query with the value of that existent form element. Consider though: how do you know the values of the possible ID's that you might use?

The action page has no idea what they could be..fact, they may not even be numbers at all.

What you'll need is a little more than the SQL to update the database record.

Updating in cold fusion

You can CFLOOP over that list of IDs to do your form variable evaluations for your update queries rather than guess at what values you should use to build the radio form element names you might have passed in. Post back here and tell us how you're doing and whether you need still more assistance.

As a hint: you'll need to make use of this CF function to properly create the values you'll need to do the update SQL: Evaluate().

Note that you won't see every ID you might have pulled for q Item that you looped over to create the form matrix on your form page.

This is because unless the user selects either approve or decline (they select neither) the form element won't be passed and, thus, you won't have it on action page.

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So, on your form page you now have a variable that holds a comma delimited list of you IDs from the q Item query.

You can pass that to the action page in a hidden form field like so: tag you have on your form page. Now, on the action page, if you run the CFDUMP of the form scope again you'll see a variable there called IDs and the value for it will look something like this: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10.

Luckily, you have this information but maybe don't know it.


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