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Through online dating sites and dating apps like Tinder, Alaskans are using these and other venues to make connections.

So it would appear online dating holds the same promises and pitfalls once found in more conventional dating methods.

It has definitely evolved from the days of arranged marriages and gentlemen callers.

Though Charity said she is not looking for another husband, for now she has met some really fun guys and cool friends using the apps.

Since January, Charity said she has turned off all dating apps because she said she needs a break from her various suitors and unsolicited “booty call requests.” Alaska Dispatch News is getting involved with the dating scene in Alaska after the launch of its new dating site called Northern Love.

For now, Alaskans are “swiping for love,” and more of them are looking to the Internet to help them make connections than ever before, and will continue to do so as technology progresses.

Have you tried all the traditional ways to find someone special in Anchorage?“For insecure people, this makes rejection a lot easier than face to face,” Charity said.“Or for me it’s simply easier to initiate a conversation from the safety of your screen.” Charity said she has had a lot of success meeting people with dating apps like Tinder and Plenty of Fish.A single 38-year old Anchorage woman who requested to be referenced by her dating alias name, Faith Charity, frequently uses dating apps to meet local singles.From her dating profile, Charity appears to enjoy traveling, freelance modeling and working out.Maia Nolan-Partnow, director of sales and special content at Alaska Dispatch News, said that the site was created last year not only as a way to bring in revenue for the paper but also to provide a useful tool for readers who want to branch out and meet people in Alaska outside of the “five” bars downtown.


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