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I've been playing guitar since I was a little kid, and writing music since I was in eighth grade. When I die, I want to have made a country album, rock album, hip-hop album, and blues-jazz album, all that.

I'm a renaissance man when it comes to music — I play guitar, piano, drums, percussion, accordion, and harmonica.

His role within the High School Musical film series gained high popularity and made him earn his fame as a role of Ryan.

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Of course, Zac Efron, 20, and Vanessa Hudgens, 19, have their own special relationship.

The two, who are dating in real life, said they may not be done making movies together.

It was really challenging because I just had corrective surgery on my knee.

Ever since the first film, I've been dancing more, and I've had a torn meniscus since high school.

In this movie, I have a fish-tiki warrior god costume that's just about the most ridiculous thing you've ever seen.

It's like fish goes to Vegas, with lots of sequins!

, and the stars of the movie have definitely grown up!

They've all continued with their acting and singing careers, and they have flourished in their personal lives too!

He used to play drums in the church during his early period as well as his singing songs over there grabbed the attention of the people.

He used to get participated within dance competition and forms unique types of dance steps used to get appreciated by the people.

His nationality is American having a religion of Christianity.


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