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“Nearly every country serious about deforestation monitoring uses the Landsat series, which are made available for free by the U. “Of course, our Carnegie Landsat Analysis System (CLAS) and CLASlite – the mostly widely disseminated forest change mapping software in the world — will fully support Landsat 8, just as it has for the previous Landsat instruments,” he said.

“I am really looking forward to helping the community continue to use Landsat data for conservation and management of tropical forests.” Landsat image showing conversion of Amazon rainforest for large-scale soy farms in Bolivia in the early 2000’s Christopher Potter, a researcher at NASA-Ames Research Center, added that Landsat 8 will provide critical continuity in forest monitoring efforts.

Philip Davies of Sheffield University and I suggested in two letters to the Israel Antiquities Authority that, in lieu of granting proper access to all scholars and other interested persons to the unpublished corpus of the Dead Sea Scrolls - then the reigning issue in Scrolls Studies and a thing the Antiquities Authority, under the influence at the time of what was called "The International Committee", was refusing to do - it could at least conduct AMS Carbon tests (tests well within its authority to conduct) consuming less material and unknown previously and not therefore applied.

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We had already heard from the new Head of the International Team (which was simply the same one that had been appointed and functioned previously in "Jordan" before the 1967 War), the late John Strugnell who had recently been appointed in place of one Father Benoit by the Israelis, to whom we had earlier written that March (1989) and who had typically spurned our requests with 'wise-guy' comments like being from "the Land of the Lotus-Eaters" (by which he supposedly meant "California")!

In the event, not only did Drori not answer our letters but, what the new Antiquities Authority, as he now called it and which he now headed, did was to then proceed to announce its 'own' intent in September to run precisely such tests (obviously, in response to our requests but, of course, without acknowledging it and certainly not including us! I was also indirectly responsible - not to be too vainglorious and much to my own chagrin - for the second run of tests 4-5 years later in 1995-96.

Moreover such a process would at least test over-inflated claims for accuracy based on these tenuous "paleographic sequences".

These suggestions along with the caveats were laid out in two letters (to which we attached the relevant literature on the new AMS Carbon testing in the event he was not familiar with them - we presumed, probably correctly, he was not) to the then Head of the Israel Antiquities Authority, Amir Drori (a former Israel General who saw service in the Lebanon War), where they fell on deaf ears - the first on May 6, 1989 and the second on June 15th, 1989, after no response was received from the first.

The image showcases the satellite’s nine spectral bands, which include three visible light bands, two near-infrared bands, and two shortwave infrared (SWIR) bands, among others, as well as two thermal sensors.

Landsat 8/LDCM is the most advanced Earth observation satellite to date.To state this perhaps more clearly, it was my firm opinion then and now that the margins-of-error in C-14 testing for a timeframe, such as that for the mss.at Qumran - particularly the 'sectarian' ones or those never seen before - were of such magnitude as to render "absolute dating" unrealistic.) is the chronology of Qumran based on the External Data - as we showed - primarily including archaeology, paleography and, latterly, radiocarbon dating.I covered the first two of these in several early books: , all subjected these to thoroughgoing criticism.later" in the same test run - be the goal; because, given the fairly large margins-of-error involved (in most cases greater than the actual timespan that could be considered for a given document to begin with), "absolute dating" (an attempt to get an actual date for a given mss.) was, in the circumstances, not a realistic goal.

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